About The Band

About Us

Caleb Wilkie and the Privateers are a high energy show that thrives off crowd engagement. Starting with country and southern rock standards the show shifts into requests and originals and the music heats up. Caleb’s 90’s country voice and Kyle’s bluegrass banjo blend for a fun, engaging, and eclectic experience that covers a wide variety of genres and songs that the crowd can sing along to. Playing across North Georgia since 2021, Caleb and Kyle love playing music that people want to hear and making new friends. The Privateer experience is an ever changing good time that will prove banjo playing and quality vocals are not just for hillbillies and old folks. The show that will leave you saying, “I never heard it played like that before!” 

Current Line Up

Caleb Wilkie

Guitar and Vocals

The primary songwriter of the group! Bringing unique originals and covers to every show! Got a request? He might just know it. 

Dr. Kyle Davis

Banjo, Jokes, P.R.

Yes, there is a doctor in the house. Telling jokes, spinning lies and pickin' the banjo are his specialties! He's always up to make new friends because he never meets a stranger! 

Wes Queen


He's the one that keeps us on time and on beat. Never afraid to try something different to get people on their feet! 

Luke Yanders

Bass, Lead Guitar, Harmony vocals

A man of many talents. He does it all! The master of the low end, a killer guitar shredder and can bring you to tears with a steel. 

Want to book us?

Here's what we offer!

#1: The Original: a Caleb solo show

#2: The Dynamic Duo: Caleb and Kyle bring the good times to you! 

#3: Power Trio: We let Wes or Luke tag along depending on the vibe you want us to bring! 

#4: The Privateers Experience: We bring the full band to you! Whether you want our killer live show or night of random requests, we bring the heat!